We doWhat we love.

And we are good at it.

We are a Kenyan based web + design studio that crafts innovative websites and creative works from the ground up. No templates. No Content Management Systems. *

Due to the limitations and bloat found in Content Management Systems (CMS'es), we tend to do most of our projects from scratch giving each stage in the process enough time to come up with a final killer project.

Our design team will come up with a unique, simple, beautiful interface design that is not cluttered with elements or classes you won't use. This leaves you with a very lightweight website that not only loads up fast but also looks impressive in all screen types - laptops, tablets and mobile.

Our developers, on the other hand, will spend sleepless nights making sure that everything works out as intended and as per your description.

The final result: A lightweight website with a simple, beautiful interface that is optimized for all screen types and sizes.

* Unless the client specifically asks for it.